Workshop registration is being conducted through the store tab on our main menu.  If you have a question about a workshop, trouble with the site, or would like to register via phone, please contact Patty Williams at or 603-306-1144.  Please note you do not have to register to sign up for a workshop.  Just go to store under the tab. 

A Taste of Tartan: Christi Porter                             8 hours
Spend the day exploring the techniques of weaving a Scottish tartan. Students will weave a tartan sample while learning the history of this ancient cloth. 

Cost: $100 Includes admission to festival.  Plus $30 materials fee (paid to instructor at workshop) for warp and weft yarns.  Students must be experienced weavers and bring a loom plus loom accessories.

Beginner Rug Hooking: Green Mountain Rug Hooking School 3 hours
Through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on work students will experience the art of rug hooking while working on a small project to take home.  This class is designed for students who have never tried rug hooking or have very little knowledge of proper technique.  Students can arrive knowing little to nothing about rug hooking and will leave being able to pull loops and complete projects!  Class content will include discussions of equipment, setup, proper technique, and different styles.

Cost: $50 Includes admission to festival. Plus $45 materials fee (paid to instructor at workshop) for pattern and cut wool strips.  No experience or knowledge necessary to take class.

Dorset Buttons: Merit Scotford 3 hours
Dorset button making was a cottage craft in England in the 18th century.  Buttons were made with rings of sheep’s horn and wool or linen thread.  This class will make them with metal or plastic rings and a variety of fibers.  We will learn the basic Dorset Crosswheel pattern and some of its many variations.  Beginner sewing skills and good eyesight or magnification are helpful.

Cost: $45 Includes admission to festival.  Plus $1 per button made (paid to instructor at workshop).

Spindle Tasting: Katherine Johnson   3 hours
Spindles, spindles, spindles — try them all! This class will feature demonstration and hands-on auditions of a variety of spindle types from around the world and across history.  We will handle, discuss, and use high whorl and low whorl drop spindles, various-sized support spindles, and even work with spindles that are flexible in their use, moving between suspension, in-hand, and fully supported.  Do you have a spindle at home that has you stumped? Bring it along and let’s see if we can make it sing for you.  If you are puzzled or intrigued by the variety of spindles you’ve seen out there, this class is for you.

Cost: $50 Includes admission to festival. 

Beginner Crochet: Laura Donica 3 hours
Crochet creates a lovely springy fabric that can create many items with one hook.  This is a great alternative to knitting if you are worried about having a lot of live stitches.  Crochet only has one but can make elaborate and beautiful projects! Through demonstration and hands-on practice students will explore the art of crochet while making a small project.  No experience or knowledge necessary to take class.

Cost: $45 Includes admission to festival. Materials included.

Beginner Drop Spindle: Laurel Jamieson 3 hours
Have you ever watched a demo or you tube video and thought “I can do that” and then struggled to spin once you have your own spindle?  This class is made for you!  This introduction to spinning will cover the basics of tool choices, fiber preparation, drafting, and plying.  If you have ever wanted to spin, you will have the knowledge you need by the end of class. No experience or knowledge necessary to take class.

Cost: $45 Includes admission to festival.  Bring your spindle and fiber to class.

Caring for the Angora Bunny: Sherry Gould                             3 hours
Caring for angora bunnies can often be intimidating (so much fur!), but it doesn't have to be.  These bundles of fluff can be well cared for with a few tools and some time.  This class will teach the novice to the experienced how to care for their current or soon to be bunny.  Each student will handle a bunny, trim nails, groom, and cuddle.

Cost: $45 Includes admission to festival. 

Tunisian Crochet:  The Crafty Cauldron 3 hours
Tunisian Crochet is also called afghan crochet.  This crochet uses a long hook, and many consider it to be a combination of crocheting and knitting.  Students in this class will learn basic techniques so they can continue with their own projects.

Cost: $50 Includes admission to festival. Plus $30 materials fee (paid to instructor at workshop) for all materials.   
No experience or knowledge necessary to take class.