• A producer may bring up to ten fleeces total for sale, including judged fleeces. If bringing Sale Only fleeces, you may bring 7.
  • All fleeces should be as clean and free of debris as possible for a good opportunity for sale. Remember, our customers are knowledgeable buyers.
  • Fleeces must be displayed in clear plastic bags. Hannaford usually carries clear garbage bags.
  • You may put paperwork/photos/business cards into the bag with your fleece.
  • Pre-registration is strongly recommended.
  • A producer may bring up to 3 fleeces to be judged, and 7 additional fleeces for Sale Only.
  • Judged fleeces may be marked Not For Sale (NFS) if the producer wants to keep them.
  • All judged fleeces must be displayed in a clear plastic bag with no personal identifying information displayed. Information/business cards, etc. may be stapled to the bag in an unmarked envelope that will be opened and displayed after the judging is completed.
  • Fleeces judge much better if they are free of debris and skirted well.
  • Pre-registration is strongly recommended.


$3 registration fee must accompany each fleece. If entering multiple fleeces, one check may be mailed for all combined.

Unsold fleeces and moneys may be picked up after 3pm on Sunday. If you prefer to have your money mailed, you must provide a pre-addressed and stamped envelope suitable to contain cash.

Any fleece displaying signs of vermin or moths will not be accepted into the Fleece Sale or the Judging Barn.

It saves everyone time if pre-register your fleeces, or at least have all the paperwork completed and ready. Registration form: (link here).

Fleeces may be checked in on Friday from noon to 6pm. Judged fleeces must be checked in and ready no later than 8:30am Saturday morning. Fleeces for sale only may be brought anytime during the Festival weekend.

Please do not ask volunteers to price fleeces for you when checking in – they will not do this for you.

The Festival Committee is not responsible for any lost money or fleece.

Any fleeces not picked up by Festival closing on Sunday will be donated or destroyed.

Mail pre-registration form and check made out to NHSWGA to: NHSWGA c/o Fleece Sale and Judging, 220 Loudon Rd, PMB 223, Concord, NH 03301