A Hundred RavensCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 2272625[email protected]www.ahundredravens.com
Acker's Acres AngorasCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 212[email protected]www.facebook.com/AckersAcresAngoras/
Again & Again FarmsteadARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL38[email protected]www.againfarmstead.com
Aisling YarnsARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL371617[email protected]www.aislingyarns.com
Aker Fiber FarmOV312[email protected]www.akerllc.com
Ball and SkeinSheep Barn 13738[email protected]www.ballandskein.com
Big Sky Farm HandweavingARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL7[email protected]leeweaves.weebly.com
Boston Hill FarmARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL23[email protected]www.bostonhillwool.com
Brown Bunny PotteryARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL8[email protected]www.brownbunnypottery.com
Berry Meadow Farm IncCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 278[email protected]www.berrymeadow.com
Bartlett Fiber WashingOV33[email protected]
BartlettYarns, IncSHEEP BARN 13456[email protected]www.bartlettyarns.com
Circle S FarmARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL273828[email protected]
Cracked an Egg FarmBreed Display123[email protected]www.crackedaneggfarm.com
Coutts Specialty FoodsARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL25[email protected]www.couttsspecialtyfoods.com
Contented Butterfly FarmARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL6[email protected]www.contentedbutterflyfarm.com
Dancing Pony Sheep FarmSHEEP BARN 126[email protected]
Dirty Water Dye WorksARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL2930[email protected]
Dover FFA ChapterBreed Display1115[email protected]
Ewe & I FARMCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 291011[email protected]
Elemental DesignsARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL5[email protected]www.elementaldesignsfiberarts.blogspot.com
Earth Haven FarmOV12[email protected]www.earthhavenfarm.com
Elegant EweARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL141526[email protected]www.elegantewe.com
Ellen's 1/2 Pint FarmARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL181920[email protected]www.ellenshalfpintfarm.com
Englishman Bay HandmadeSHEEP BARN 132[email protected]www.englishmanbaytradingco.com
Fantastic Farm YarnSHEEP BARN 128[email protected]www.etsy.com/shop/fantasticfarm
Fiber Stash Dye WorksSHEEP BARN 1789[email protected]www.fiberstashvt.com
Four Hearts Farm Mainely FiberCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 21415[email protected]www.fourheartsfarm.org
Foster Sheep FarmSHEEP BARN 11213[email protected]www.fostersheepfarm.com/
Forever in FiberCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 22928[email protected]www.foreverinfiber.etsy.com
Genovese Woodworking and BasketsARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL22[email protected]
Glory Be FarmBreed Display2526[email protected]
Good Karma FarmSHEEP BARN 129[email protected]www.goodkarmafarm.com
Great Bay Wool WorksBreed Display2122[email protected]www.greatbaywoolworks.com
Green Mountain SpinnerySHEEP BARN 11718[email protected]www.spinnery.com
Greenwood Hill FarmSHEEP BARN 13031[email protected]www.greenwoodhillfarm.com
Growing Rabbit TreeCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 21617[email protected]www.growingrabittree.com
Heliosphere FarmCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 231[email protected]www.heliospherefarm.com
Hands & Heart FarmSHEEP BARN 143[email protected]
Hogget Hill Farm and FenceMG2[email protected]
Indigo SquirrelSHEEP BARN 116[email protected]www.theindigosquirrel.com
Ink DrawingsSHEEP BARN 144[email protected]www.genematras.com
JMR StudioCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 256[email protected]www.jmrstudio.net
Junction Fiber MillSHEEP BARN 13940[email protected]www.junctionfibermill.com
Knit or Dye / Peaked Mountain HomesteadCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 224[email protected]www.peakedmountainhomestead.com
Kingdom Fleece and Fiber WorksARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL34[email protected]www.kingdomfleeceandfiberworks.net
Kisakanari Jacob SheepOutsideOV1[email protected]
Loop Fiber StudioSheep Barn 112[email protected]www.loopfiberstudio.com
Mill Fudge FactoryARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL27[email protected]www.themillfudgefactory.com
Marble MeadowsSHEEP BARN 134[email protected]www.marblemeadows.com
Mountain Vewe CoopworthsSHEEP BARN 13536[email protected]
The Mulberry TreeCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 23233[email protected]www.etsy.com/shop/fiberfromthefarm
Nola Fiber CreationsCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 230[email protected]www.nolafibercreations.com
Natural SpecialtiesARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL21[email protected]www.peacefarmstore.com
NE WoodworkzARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL32[email protected]www.newoodworkz.com
NH Spinners and Dyers GuildARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL2436[email protected]www.nhsdg.org
NH Weavers GuildARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL101112[email protected]
Nightingale FibersARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL12[email protected]www.nightingalefibers.com
Nodrog FarmsBreed Display121314[email protected]www.nodrogfarms.com
Northern New England Farmshed and Sanborn MillsCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 213[email protected]www.nnefibershed.com and www.sanbornmills.org
PeartreeSHEEP BARN 124[email protected]www.peartreesheepandhounds
Pict Wool LLCARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL31[email protected]www.pictwool.wordpress.com
Purgatory Falls Alpaca FarmSHEEP BARN 14546[email protected]www.purgatoryfallsalpaca.com
Purple Hummingbird WoolensARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL9[email protected]www.purplehummingbirdwoolens.com
Sassy Black YarnsOV14[email protected]www.sassyblackyarns.com
Shepherd's Hut MarketSHEEP BARN 2 - BREED DISPLAY456[email protected]www.shepherdshutmarket.com
Schrock FarmSHEEP BARN 127[email protected]schrockfarm.square.site
Soldiago FarmSHEEP BARN 110[email protected]www.etsy.wm/shop/solidagowodcrafts
Scrutinize This!Breed Display1617[email protected]
Stephen WilletteSHEEP BARN 11415[email protected]www.stephenwillette.com
Stitched by JessaLuSHEEP BARN 11920[email protected]www.stitchedbyjessalu.com
Skyeview AlpacasARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL3435[email protected]www.skyeviewalpacasnh.com
The Felting StudioSHEEP BARN 14142[email protected]www.thefeltingstudio.com
Three Creeks FarmBreed Display818[email protected]www.threecreeksfarmnh.com
Tidal YarnsARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL33[email protected]www.tidalyarns.com
Townsend's Training FarmOV31[email protected]
Turbofluffed Creations LLCCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 221[email protected]www.turbofluffedcreation.etsy.com
TLC Fiber FarmCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 21920[email protected]www.tlcfiberfarmalpacas.com
Underhill FibersCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 234www.underhillfibers.com
Utopia Bath LtdCOMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 222[email protected]www.utopiabathltd.etsy.com or www.utopiabathltd.com
Wild Violet FibersARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL28[email protected]www.wildvioletfibers.com
Woolloomooloo Shoe LLCOV3131415[email protected]www.woolloomoolooshoe.com
Wellscroft Fence SystemsMG1[email protected]www.wellscroft.com
West River CreameryARTS AND CRAFT BUILDING - UPPER LEVEL13[email protected]west-river-creamery.square.site/
Winding Wicks FarmBreed Display2324[email protected]
Willis Towne FarmSHEEP BARN 133[email protected]
Wind Ridge FarmSHEEP BARN 125[email protected]www.wind-ridge-farm.com
West Canaan ArtCommerCIAL AGRICULTURAL BLD 218[email protected]
Woolmark Shepherds 4-H Club Sheep Photo BoothBreed Display1920
The Yarn and Fiber CoSHEEP BARN 1212223[email protected]www.yarnandfiber.com
Zeilinger WoolOV32[email protected]www.zwool.com
The Curdeous CowOutside -- Food VendorOV1[email protected]
Angelino's Sausage HouseOutside - Food VendorOV1 and OV2
Dudley's ConcessionsOutside - Food VendorOV2[email protected]
Holly's Fried DoughOutside - Food VendorOV2
Philys Good EatsOutside - Food VendorOV2[email protected]
Bakers RackOutside - Food Vendor - Not commnear comm 2[email protected]www.thebakersrackbakingco.com

If you would like to be a vendor in 2024’s festival, please download the form and email it back to [email protected] with the requested images. Details are in the form!