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Lecture and Demonstration Descriptions

What is Naalbinding?: Katherine Johnson
Naalbinding is a fabric-making technique with roots deep in human
prehistory.  It is found among the oldest surviving textile fragments
excavated by archeologists, and it has been practiced in some form on every inhabited continent.  The stitches can take many forms, but they are unified by production technique.  It is portable, requires only a needle, and it has been used to make everything from bags to clothing to decorative edgings.  Come find out about this craft, handle samples, and see it demonstrated.

Herding Dog Demonstrations: Wellscroft Fence Systems, LLC
Every wonder how a dog can move sheep?  Join the Wellscroft team as they explain and demonstrate how herding dogs can be an essential tool to the shepherd.

Condition Scoring and Feet: Andy Rice
We all love wool; but how do you “see” your sheep under all that wool?  What do you need to know about hooves?  This lecture will teach you how to use your hands to “see” your sheep’s physical condition and the right way to trim hooves.

Prepare for the Alpaca Shearer: Jozie Best
New to Alpacas or want shearing day to be less stressful?  This lecture covers all you need to know about what to do before the Alpaca Shearer arrives.  **Warning** This is different from sheep shearing; if you are new to alpacas attend this lecture!

Bringing Sheep Over State Lines: Nicole Giguere
Need new genes?  Thinking of going to another state to get them?  Stop!  There are state requirements unique to each state before you can bring
livestock into them.  Know what those requirements are so you can legally get those new genes!

Fencing?  Which One and How to Decide!:  Wellscroft Fencing Systems
There are a lot of fence types out there.  This lecture will discuss different types of fencing helping you make decisions based on your livestock, land, and budget.

Embellish Your Wool Wardrobe: Diane Stradling
Using needle felting techniques and short fiber wool, see a demonstration of how you can take your densely knitted, woven or felted wool clothing and add a bit of pizzazz!  See examples of recycled wool clothing enhanced
inexpensively and creatively.

Social Media for the Small Farm: Tammy White
Need new ways to market your farm?  Social Media can be a fast and
effective way to promote your farm.  While quick and easy to use, for many it can also be intimidating and confusing.  This lecture will discuss how social media can be used and some of the benefits.

Upcycle with Felt: Diane Stradling
You’ve heard of upcycled furniture, this demonstration shows the steps
involved and materials used to create unique scarves and other felted products.  See how combining wool prefelt and upcycled commercial fabric
results in a totally one-of-a-kind art piece.

Scrapie—the Bottom Line: Nicole Giguere
Does scrapie sound terrifying?  Do the regulations seem confusing?  Need a refresher?  We will discuss the scrapie regulations and exactly what you need to know as a shepherd to ensure you are up to date and compliant.

Fair Isle: Holding Two Color Techniques: Patty Williams
Are you a knitter who has wanted to tiptoe into color but afraid of the strands?  Most fair isle consists of only two colors in each row!  We will demonstrate three different ways to hold those yarns so you can move into the bright new world of fair isle.

How to Handle your Sheep:  Andy Rice
Tired of working harder and not smarter when it comes to handling your sheep?  This demonstration will show you the right way to control a sheep so neither you nor the sheep gets hurt.  This is a great demonstration for new shepherds, shepherds getting larger sheep, or someone who might one day have a flock!

For the Forgetful Knitter: Judith Bastienelle
While you can’t actually forget…..  Join us as we discuss the after thought heel and thumb gusset.  Some prior planning is required, but can add to your sock and mitten making tool box.

Plying with Spindles: Katherine Johnson
Do you love to spin with a spindle, but are in a rut when it comes to plying?  Several methods of plying without a wheel will be demonstrated here,
including plying-on-the-fly, Andean plying, chain-plying, sliding off the cop and using a kate, using a center pull-ball, winding plying balls, and
tensioning on a fixed hook.

How to Evaluate a Fleece: Nadine Chounet
Are you interested in purchasing a fleece to create your own yarn.  Learn how to really look at a fleece for breaks, veggie matter, elasticity, luster, and value.

Sprang: Tiana St. James
Sprang is an early form of textile arts which twists the fibers on a fixed loom creating stitches similar in appearance to knitted lace.  This demonstration will discuss the history of sprang, show examples, and provide a
demonstration of warping and interlinking.

A Year in the Life of Sheep: Dot Perkins, UNH Cooperative Extension
Learn about the daily responsibilities of the shepherd for care and
management of a flock through the four seasons, including feeding, breeding, shearing, and parasite control.

Parasites: the Down and Dirty: Dot Perkins
Lice, worms, and other tiny creatures can seriously hurt your flock.  Come get an update on who they are, what risks they pose, when to treat, and how to monitor your sheep to help keep your flock healthy.

A Short History of Silk: Christi Porter
From China to the Mediterranean, silk was marketed along the silk road for centuries. Discover the secret that was kept for thousands of years, the role silk played with the expansion of religion, and how the silkworm actually makes the silk filament.

Evaluating a Sheep for Purchase: Kevin Ford
Do you need a new ram or replacement ewe?  Getting your first sheep?  Know what to look for before you buy!  We will discuss how to evaluate a sheep for health, conformation, and wool quality.

Cross Stitch Techniques: Laura Donica
Many museums display cross stitch work done throughout the ages.  Come and see how this technique is actually done as well as examples of this
exquisite art.

How to Prepare for the Shearer - Sheep: Kevin Ford
Are you new to sheep or wool breeds?  Blade shearer Kevin Ford discusses how you can make the best of your time with your shearer by being prepared!  His tips will help your raw fleeces to end the growing process strong after all of those months of waiting.

Chargers, how much juice do I need?: Wellscroft Fence Systems
Have you ever looked at a pages of electric fence chargers only to fold the book closed more confused than ever?  Wellscroft will discuss electric fence charger types and sizes to help you determine what you really need to protect your flock.

How to Skirt a Fleece: Nadine Chounet
Once the shearer has done their part, what do you do?  It’s time to skirt!  Learn how to throw a fleece on a skirting table, pick and prepare it for sale or processing.