A Message from the President

By AdminWilliams, 09/16/2018 - 18:17

Jeff Jordan started shearing sheep for my grandfather when he was fifteen years old. Before he could hold a driver’s license in NH. In those days Jeff would pack up his gear and his mother would drive him to whatever farm he needed to be at. He would do the shearing, and then call his mom to come pick him up. I don’t know just when Jeff started shearing sheep but at fifteen he was good enough that my grandfather never called anybody else. And my grandfather was picky, he didn’t like what he called “rough treatment of the animals” meaning how they were handled and how much they were nicked up. Jeff passed with flying colors, my grandfather saying something like 

“That young fellow is pretty good with those clippers.” So started his long history of shearing sheep for my family. My grandfather, his younger brother, and finally for me. Forty plus years. 
    I first met Jeff back in those days when we were both still kids. I’d go up to the farm and watch him shear the animals. Not a very talkative guy but good at what he did. As you know, Jeff became a well known shearer and sheep farmer in the New England area. Maybe beyond, I don’t really know. He was a wealth of knowledge about sheep and sheep care. I would always learn something new when he visited our farm. Like all good shepherds he was always willing to give you advice and the benifit of a lifetime of experience with sheep and best practices for keeping them healthy. His passing leaves a big hole in our sheep growers community. He was a member in good standing of the old guard of Yankee shepherds, and a willing friend to anyone who had anything to do with sheep. I shall truely miss seeing him at our yearly events. 
Rick Young