Other Events


Events Running Throughout the Weekend

Shearing: Sheep Barn, Watch as Shearers demonstrate and discuss the ins and outs of shearing.  Both Saturday and Sunday

ASCA Farm Trial: Swine Barn. Watch participants compete with their dogs at the ASCA Farm Trial, sponsored by the Australian Shepherd Club of New England.  Handler and dog teams complete “common farm tasks” on the course.  Saturday is “Mixed Farm Trial”; participants move goats and ducks around the course.  Sunday is “Sheep Farm Trial” on a different sequence of tasks.

Raffle: Arts and Crafts Building. Take a chance to win a great prize and help educational events.  Must pick up prize before close of festival that day.

Youth Show: Sheep Barn. Come see our future shepherds and their sheep.

Spinners and Weavers: Arts and Crafts Building. These folks work all weekend creating yarn and fabric.

Tasting: Hospitality Tent. Want to try lamb?  Come to the hospitality tent for a bite and recipes.

Alpaca Events: Come check out the New Hampshire Alpaca 4-H programs! See their schedule under Alpaca Program.  They can't wait to see you there!