Lecture and Demomonstration Schedule

Lecture and Demonstration Descriptions and Schedule

 Key: LH; Lecture Hall (lower level arts and crafts building), All CR are class rooms located lower level of the arts and crafts building, MG; 'main gate area' is located across from the arts and crafts building near Wellscroft Fence.

How to Read and Work a Crochet Chart, Laura Donica.  Do you want to crochet using a chart but get overwhelmed?  Laura gives tips and tricks on how to keep it all straight! Sat, 10:00, LH.

Livestock Guardian Panel, Multiple Instructors.  Need to protect your flock and not sure how? Our panel will tell you the animals they have used, benefits and challenges of working with them, and take your questions.  This is a special two hour panel!! Sat, 11:00, LH.

How to Start a Backyard Flock, Christine Peters.  Want sheep?  Don't know where to start?  This is where you need to be!! Sat, 1:00, LH.

Lambing Kit What Do You need?, Andy Rice.  Confused about what you really need for lambing?  This class will help you figure it all out. Sat, 2:00, LH.

Basics of Selecting a Hand Spinning Fleece, Bartlettyarns, Inc. Basics, overview and selection of fleece for hand spinning. Sat, 3:00, LH.

Getting Started with Llamas, Mary LeDoux. Want to add a Llama to your farm? This class will get you going! Sat, 10:00, CR1. Sun, 11:00, LH.

Herding Dog Demonstration, Wellscroft Farm.  Watch those border collies work! And learn how and why they do it? Sat, 10:00, 1:00 Sun, 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, MG.

Advanced Naal Binding, Katherine Johnson. Learn to take these ancient techniques to the next level! Sat, 11:00, CR1.

Dry and Wet Felting Dryer Balls, Christine Peters. Dryer Balls! Come get the scoop! Sat. 12:00, CR1.

Handling Sheep so They Don't Handle You! Andy Rice. Sheep can be tough to move around.  Learn how to move your sheep with less stress for both you and your sheep. Sat, 12:00, Sun, 1:00 MG.

Don't Throw out those Socks! Darning, Judith Bastinelli.  Learn to mend your knitting. Sat, 1:00, Sun 11:00 CR1.

Skirting a Fleece, Nadine Chounet. You've got sheep, and they are sheared.  Now what?  Come find out! Sat, 1:00 Fleece Barn.

Advanced Rug Hooking, Green Mountain Rug Hooking. Ready to take your Hooking to the next level?  We'll show you how! Sat, 2:00 CR1.

Condition Scoring.  How do you tell the weight of your sheep through all that wool?  Get your hands on them! Sat, 2:00 (Wellscroft Farm), Sun, 11:00 (Andy Rice).

Afterthought Heel, Judith Bastinelli.  Don't like turning a heel on a sock?  Come learn this technique and its uses!  Sat, 3:00, CR1.



Working with a Herding Puppy, Wellscroft Farm. Having trouble with your little ball of energy? Learn how and when to get your pup onto sheep! Sat, 3:00, Sun,3:00, MG.

Big Knitting, Tiana St. James.  Big needles + big yarn = fast knitting.  Come learn how to do it and pick materials. Sat, 4:00, CR1.

How to Breed Sheep, Andy Rice. It can be as simple as introducing a ram.  But what else is there? Sat, 4:00 MG.

How to Skirt Alpaca Fleece, Megan Long.  Skirting alpaca isn't quite the same as sheep.  Come find out the differences, and what might make your skirting better. Sun, 10:00, CR1.

Which Breed of Sheep is Best for You? Patty Williams.  Not sure which breed to start with or add to your flock? This lecture looks at it backwards to help you make the best decision for your farm! Sun, 10:00, LH.

I-cords, U-cord, Y-cord?, Judith Bastinelli. I-cords are simple to make and can be used in many ways.  Learn how to make them and see several examples of how to use them to embellish your knitting. Sun 12:00, CR1.

Something with Sheep, Nancy Mitre.  Come be surprised by this lecture! Sun, 12:00 LH.

Ultrasounds, Nancy Mitre.  Wondered about how to tell if you have lambs on the way. Ultra sounds are one way to find out! Sun, 1:00, CR1.

Parasites: the Short Version, Elizabeth Kellet. We could talk parasites all day.  But this class will give you the basics! Sun, 1:00, LH.

Evaluating a Fleece, Nadine Chounet. Want to buy a fleece and unsure where to start? Come learn! Sun, 1:00, Fleece Barn.

Preventive Medicine, Elizabeth Kellet. Learn what you can do before calling the Vet, from a Vet. Sun 2:00, CR1.

Sustainable Fiber Processing,  Bartlettyarns Inc. Add value to your farm products in a sustainable way.  Sun, 2:00, LH.

Lambing, the Short Version, Andy Rice. Lambing can be scary, beautiful, and sad.  Learn some basics to learn when and how to get involved. Sun, 3:00, CR1.

Llamas!, Mary Ledoux. Llamas are great! Come learn about them!, Sun 3:00, LH.

Beginner Knit Drop- In Class.  Want to try knitting at no Cost! Come try it!! Sat 10:00, Sun 1:00, CR5.

Beginner Drop Spindle, Drop-In Class. Come give a try at spinning! Sat 1:00, CR5.

Beginner Crochet, Dropt -In Class. It's one hook and yarn.  Come in and see what you can do! Sun, 10:00, CR5.