Lecture and Demomonstration Schedule

2020 Information Coming Soon, but This is What we did Last Year!!

Interested in teaching at the  2020 Festival?  Please email Education at  nhswga@nhswga.org



Lecture and Demonstration Descriptions and Schedule

 Key: LH; Lecture Hall (lower level arts and crafts building), All CR are class rooms located lower level of the arts and crafts building, MG; 'main gate area' is located across from the arts and crafts building near Wellscroft Fence.

2019 Schedule Education Schedule

Working with a Herding Puppy David Kennard and Andy Rice. Having trouble with your little ball of energy? Learn how and when to get your pup onto sheep! Sat. and Sun. 10am, MG

How to Read and Work a Crochet Chart Laura Donica. Do you want to crochet using a chart but get overwhelmed? Laura gives tips and tricks how to keep it all straight. Sat. and Sun. 10am, LH

Blending Fiber on Hand Cards Cyndi Catt. Learn to make exquisite blended roving using fun fibers and a pair of basic handcards. Sat. 10am, CR1

Handling Sheep So They Don’t Handle You! Andy Rice. Sheep can be tough to move around. Learn how to move your sheep with less stress for both you and your sheep. Sat. 11am, MG

Why Keep Alpacas? Panel. Known for warm and luxurious fiber, alpacas can be a great addition to your farm. Learn the benefits of keeping these beautiful creatures, along with what it takes to get started. Sat. 11am, LH

Dryer Balls-Basics of Wet/Needle Felting Christine Peters. Dryer balls! What are they all about? Come hear while seeing a few made right in front of you! Sat. 11am, Sun. 11am, CR1

Herding Dog Demo David and Colin Kennard. Watch those border collies work! And learn how and why they do it! Sat. 12pm & 3pm; Sun. 12pm and 2pm MG

Cooking With Lamb Karen McRae. Interested in preparing delicious lamb cuts at home? Come hear how different cuts are prepared to take the mystery out of cooking this versatile meat! Sat. 12p, LH

Don’t Throw Out Those Socks! Darning! Judith Bastinelli. Learn to mend your knitting. Sat. & Sun.12pm, CR1

Condition Scoring/Trimming Feet Andy Rice. How do you tell the weight of your sheep under all that wool? Get your hands on them! Taking the mystery out of condition and the fear out of hoof trimming. Sat. 1pm & Sun. 12pm

Choosing Fencing for your Needs Colin Kennard. From backyard pens to large farms, come learn how to decide what style of fencing will meet the needs of your flock! Sat. 1pm LH

Backstrap Weaving Tiana St. James. Come learn how to weave without a loom!  Backstrap weaving is an old technique still in use today which is portable and low cost. Sat. 1pm CR1

Flock First Aid Dr. Nate Harvey. Wondering how to prepare for the inevitable ovine emergencies? What items make for a well stocked first aid kit? Sat. 2pm, LH

Save Your Scraps Judith Bastinelli. Blending, spinning, knitting, and more! How to incorporate every last bit of fiber in your work! Sat. 2pm, CR1

Starting a Backyard Flock Christine Peters. Want sheep? Don’t know where to start? This is where you need to be! Sat. 3pm, Sun. 3pm, LH

Sheep Farming as a Business Patty Williams. Thinking of turning your sheep hobby into something more? Come hear how to get started. Sat. 3pm, CR1

Couture Knitting in Paris Judith Bastinelli. Come hear the romantic side of knitting, and one woman's story of trimming the fashion elite! Sun. 10am, LH

Skirting an Alpaca Fleece Megan Long. Skirting alpaca isn't quite the same as skirting a sheep fleece. Come see the difference! Sun. 10am, CR1

Nutrition 101 Meagan Stevens. Whether you are a beginner or expert, come learn the requirements of your sheep.  Regardless of usage we will discuss how to reach your sheep goals. Sun. 11am, LH

How Fleeces are Judged Nadine Chounet. What is the judge looking for when you submit a fleece? Come see! Sun. 11am, Fleece Barn

Lamb Cuts and How to Choose Them Rick Lamay. Taking the mystery out of  lamb cuts. Sun. 12pm, LH

Lambing Kit Essentials 4-H kids. Come see what goes into a lambing kit that will leave you prepared for any emergency! Sun. 1pm, LH

How to Handle a Llama Mary Ledoux Llamas are big, but a great guardian animal.  Come learn how to handle these wonderful fiber guardians. Sun 1pm CR1

Choosing a Fleece Basics Nadine Chounet. Do you love those fleeces up for sale but wonder how to choose one that will spin up well for your needs? Sun. 1pm Fleece Barn

Custom Dying Self-patterning Yarn Tiana St. James. Did you know that you can create intricate color designs in your knitting by pre-dying the yarn? Come hear how Tiana works magic for her knitting before she knits a stitch. Sun. 2pm, LH

Felting Basics Marty Elkin. Would you like to try wet or needle felting but feel unsure where to begin? This demo will get you going! Sun. 2pm, CR1

Llama Care Mary Ledoux. Want a Llama but unsure what’s involved?  Come learn the llama care basics. Sun. 3pm CR1