Using Your Handspun

Using Your Handspun

Using Your Handspun
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Sunday 1pm

Using Your Handspun, $40

Donna Kay

Classroom 3 (Lower level Arts and Crafts Building)

Do you have baskets of handspun and no idea what to do with it? What are the best uses for your special yarns? Whether you knit, crochet or weave Donna will teach you methods of evaluating and determining the best way to showcase your wonderful, one of a kind yarns!

Class Length: 3 hour

Materials Fee: none

Proficiency Level: Open to all

Materials: Samples of handspun yarn (small balls are fine), knitting needles or crochet hooks in various

sizes. Weavers may bring a small sample loom (a notched pieces of cardboard and a long tapestry

needle would be fine). Paper hang tags for labeling, ruler, scissors and a pen for notes.