Having Fun Spinning Art Yarn!

Having Fun Spinning Art Yarn!

Having Fun Spinning Art Yarn!
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Sunday 1pm

Having Fun Spinning Art Yarn!

Odediah Skolnick

Classroom 4 (Lower level Arts and Crafts Building), $40/$10-$18

Explore the following types of art yarn with the freedom to make these yarns, “your yarns”. Your art yarns can be used in knitting, weaving, crocheting, or other methods of textile creations. The materials costs is flexible. Expect between $10 and $18 per student. If you have registered for the class and have questions prior to the class, please contact me: ocskolnick@gmail.com

The class will introduce you to:

  1. Thick and Thin art yarn on purpose.
  2. Spiral ply yarn with 3 design elements in the ply.
  3. Spiral art yarn with beads.
  4. Corespinning with multi-fiber batts.

What you'll need for the class:

     1. Any wheel in good working order except the antique spinning wheels with small

        orifice openings.          

  1. 2-3 bobbins and a lazy kate; niddy-noddy, scissors, and string to tie off skeins.
  2. It's important that you can spin and ply comfortably and confidently with the wheel you are bringing to class.